The Book: La princesa de Kapurthala

The Book,The Princess of Kapurthala

The Book,The Princess of Kapurthala

Title: La princesa de Kapurthala
Author: Elisa Vázquez de Gey
Editorial: Planeta
Year of Publishing:

In 1988 a casual meeting with a lady who introduced herself as “the niece of the Princess of Kapurthala” allows Elisa Váquez de Gey to discover the character of Anita Delgado ( Málaga 1890 - Madrid 1962 )

Seduced by the tale, the author dives into a century’s worth of letters, diaries and memoirs, delves into archives and museums, travels to Punjab and visits the places where the Princess’s elapsed.

The result is The Princess of Kapurthala the biography of the only Spanish Maharani in the India of the Maharajahs.

Bringing forward new and interesting graphic documentation, the Galician writer once again catches our attention with a very up to date biography of Ana Delgado Briones, the young woman who in 1906 had an Indian Rajah fall in love with her and she becomes Rani in a Principality of Punjab.