The book: El sueño de la Maharani

The book: The Maharanis' Dream

The book: The Maharanis' Dream

Title :  El sueño de la Maharani
Author: Elisa Vázquez de Gey
Grijalbo, Historic Novel Collection
Date of Publishing :
BCN 2005
84-253-3961-8 and ISBN: 978-84-8346-367-3

Three men, three places and three times recreate in a kaleidoscopic manner the surprising personality of Ana Delgado contributing a singular approach to the life of the young woman from Málaga who became the Maharani of Kapurthala.

Paris, 1926. The famous writer Vicente Blasco Ibánez, convinces the Princess to allow him to write her life. Enlightened by the thrilling story of Ana Delgado, the young woman who in 1906 had a maharajah fall in love with her and lives during 18 years as the favourite of an Indian Prince, the writer manages to have the Princess, by then divorced, accept to be transformed into the leading character of her next novel.

New Delhi, fifty years later. The son of the Princess, Ajit Singh of Kapurthala, recalls in hospital his infancy and youth. He refuses to die without leaving a written copy of the true story behind “the Spanish Maharani”, his mother: the beauty who dazzled the Rajah, the vicissitudes she withstood as a foreign Rani in colonial India, the lavish and refined world in which she had to live in and the glamour of her existence as a solitary Princess in Europe between the Wars.

Madrid, 1968. Six years have gone by since the death of Ana Delgado and Ginés Rodriguez, secretary to the Maharani of Kapurthala, strives to finish off some improbable memoirs that Anita never managed to concluded in which she one by one, sorts through all the memories of the times spent with his Princess.