The Book: Anita Delgado, Maharani de Kapurthala

Book Anita Delgado, Maharani of Kapurthala

Book Anita Delgado, Maharani of Kapurthala

Title: Anita Delgado, Maharani de Kapurthala.
Author: Elisa Vázquez de Gey

Editorial: Planeta, Documentary collection
Date of Publishing: BCN 1998

ISBN : 84-08-02440-X ISBN: 84-08-04457-5 and ISBN: 84-226-8607-4

Madrid 1906, a prince falls hopelessly in love with a young dancer from the “Frontón Kursaal”. The extremely wealthy character is the Rajah Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala and arrives in Spain with the entourage of Victoria Eugene of Battenberg the English Princess who comes to marry the king Alfonso of Spain. The girl is from Málaga, she has sixteen years and she is called Anita Delgado. Twenty months later she became the Raní Prem Kaur of Kapurthala.

Almost little or nothing is known of the life of Anita Delgado following the date of her marriage. The author has reconstructed the history of the only Spanish Princess in the fascinating India of Maharajahs based on the memoirs, diaries, correspondence and both oral and graphic testimonies from her descendants.

This piece is accompanied of the Spanish/English translation of Impressions de mes voyages aux Indes a rare travel diary, written by the Princess of Kapurthala herself and published in New York in 1915, and now published in Spain for the first time.

This title was published in German under the title:”Die frau des Maharadschas”
Also, in India it was edited in English, it is titled: “Anita Delgado, Maharani of Kapurthala”