My book: “Impressions de mes voyages aux Indes”

“Me, the Spaniard, the defender of the Indian woman…
And, of course, I’m a cause of scandal.
But, what does it matter!”

The book, Impressions of my travels to the Indies

The Book, Impressions of my travels to the Indies.

Title: Impresiones de mis viajes por las Indias.
Original title: “Impressions de mes voyages aux Indes”
Author:Prem Kaur de Kapurthala (Anita Delgado)
Edited and translated from French: Elisa Vázquez de Gey

Editorial: Ediciones del Viento / Colección Viento Simún nº 87
Date of Publishing: 2017

ISBN : 978-84-15374-98-5

Prem Kaur, the Spanish Maharaní, lived in Kapurthala since 1907 and had just been
twenty three years old when she starts writing notes about his memories for this book,
half a diary half a travelogue.

Anita writes this piece of work in French, “the language used in my husband’s court” and she does so “ to please the Highness who considers exceptionally a Spanish woman has become a princess in Sikh Kingdom”.

Over eighteen months, the writer has described three important diplomatic trips the Prince and the Princess of Kapurthala made for the British India: The first one in 1913, to several Kingdoms in Rajputana, the second one for Christmas 1913 to Calcuta and Burma, and the third one during summer 1914, to Deccán and Hyderabad.

Anita Delgado’s story shows how India was in the early years of the 20th century, where ancient custom and tradition were kept; the Maharajás’ magnificence, life in majestic palaces, journeys in luxurious private trains, diamonds as big as an egg, precious stones, harems… But on the other hand, the western modern world lifestyle of the family members in power, who drive luxurious cars, install lifts and cinemas in their ancient palaces and taste the delicious dishes made by cooks brought from the best French hotels.

Essential to follow the steps of the Spanish Princess of Kapurthala and
go on a sightseeing in India today to the beat of Maharaní.